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......"In the Bible Cain slew Abel
And East of Eden he was cast
You're born into this life payin'
For the sins of somebody else's past"......

Born on: January 19, 2000
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Music Info and bio page

Am I Annoying
Or What?

Vote for Bruce

Amnesty International
Concert for Human Rights

An Analysis of Over
20 Years of American
Music Festivals

Bruce Content

AntiMusic Site
Music info and bio page

Asbury Park, New Jersey
Spirit in the Night Page

Asbury Park
A Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band

Asbury Park: Then and Now
Asbury Nostalgia Page

Asbury Park
A Seaside Ghost Town

Asbury Park page

Asbury Park, N. J. History

Asbury Park:
Some More Asbury History

Asbury Park
Historical Photo Collection

Asbury Park:
Asbury Postcards

Asbury Park:
Why the Name?

Asbury Park:

Asbury Park:

Asbury Park:
Fact File

Asbury Park:
Rock n Roll Museum

Asbury Park:
World Famous Venues

Asbury Park:
Beyond the Palace

Asbury Park:
The Casino in Asbury

Asbury Park:
Downtown Asbury Park

Asbury Park:
Grand Tour of the Casino

Asbury Park:
Greetings From Abandoned
Asbury Park

Asbury Park:
Latest News On the Pony

Asbury Park:
Over the New Jersey
State Line

Asbury Park:

Asbury Park:
Stephen Crane
On the Boardwalk in New Jersey

Asbury Park:
The Stone Pony

Asbury Park:
Save the
Stone Pony

The Springsteen Collector's Club

Behind the Scenes Bruce Springsteen
Rich Kortz Book

Bruce In Wax

Beyond the Palace
Springsteen Links Site

New Jersey Radio

Born to Run
Jukeboxgrad's Diet Tips

Bruce Theme Park

Bottom Line Cabaret
Some Bruce History

A Bruce Birthday Party
Fan Tribute

Bruce Poll Page
Springstee Polls

Bruce's Guitars
Mini Guitar Page

Bruce's Guitar
Its Smelly, Rotten and
Moldy Crud

Bruce Art
Roxy Deli NYC

Bruce Song Quotes
From Rockwisdom.com

Bruce Postage Stamps
Postage Stamps

More Bruce Stamps

Bruce Springsteen
Eonline Page

Bruce and His Stories
Stories Told at Concerts

Bruce Springsteen: The Storyteller
Stories Page

Bruce Springsteen
Columbia's Official Site

Bruce Springsteen Webring
Niklas Malmgren's Webring with 137 members

Bruce Springsteen Memorabilia
Collector's Page

Bruce Springsteen
Online Store

Bruce Springsteen Items
Andrew's Collectors and sales page

Bruce Springsteen
Quotes by and about Bruce

Bruce Springsteen
In Asbury Park

Bruce Springsteen

At Women.com

Bruce Springsteen
Parody and Tribute
Discography Part 1

Bruce Springsteen
Parody and Tribute
Discogrpahy Part 2

Bruce's Backup Musicians
Other than Estreet

Chorus and Verse
The New Jersey Music Scene

Computer Desktop Themes
Bruce Desktop Themes

The Ed Report
Bruce Spy Info

Esquire Records
And the Agora Club


E Street Band Family Tree
E Street Band History Page

Fast Lane Club
Asbury Park, New Jersey

Fast Lane Club Photos
Bruce and Bon Jovi

Fawn In The Yard Today
Born in the USA parody

Fifty Things You Might
Not Know About
New Jersey's
Favorite Son

For Collectors Only
Japenese Collector Site

Forced to Confess
Stories Told In Concert

Greetings From Asbury Park
Asbury News Bruce Site

Human Rights Now
1988 Tour

Human Rights Center

John Steinbeck Award
Center for
Steinbeck Studies

Music Info and bio page

Life Magazine
Rock n Roll Gallery

Life Magazine
Rock and Roll Covers

Lost In the Flood
Collector's Page

Lycos Top 50 Males
Searched on the Web

Marc's Video Lists
Video lists

McLoons Riverside Dining
Bruce Eats Here!

My Generation
Rock Collectibles

New Jersey Shrine
New Jersey.com's Bruce Shrine

One Fan's Trip
2000 Reunion Tour

Paris Concert for
Amnesty International

Amnesty International Page

The Philadelphia Story
WMMR, Philadelphia Bruce Promo CD

Point Blank Magazine
Bruce Items for Sale

Raised on Rock
With Springsteen Competition

Road Songs
With Bruce Content

Rock On TV
Ultimate TV Rock Guide

Rock n Roll Library

Rolling Stone Radio
With Bruce

Some Like It Hot
Bruce and other artists

Springsteen Stories
Tom Cool's Home Page

The Stallion of Rock

Springsteen Comic Book
Bruce comics

Steel Mill Info
Newspaper Photos

Stone Pony Calendar
Event Schedule

Music Info and bio page

The Super Seventies Rock Site
Including Bruce

Super 70's Classic
150 Rock Albums

Super 70's Greatest
Album Covers

Tramps Like Us
Bruce Tribute Band

Twelve Reasons Not to spend
Your wedding night at a
Springsteen concert

VH1 Fanclub
Music Info and bio page

The Wall
Bruce Computer Wallpaper

WIPO Arbitration
The Domain Name Case

Springsteen Central

E-mail Me!!

Bruce Springsteen