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...."Now I know your mama
She don't like me
Cause I play in a rock n roll band
And I know your daddy
He don't dig me
But he never did understand".....
Born on: February 1, 2000

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Asbury Park Holiday Shows

Brothers Under the Bridge
1999-2000 tour setlists

Brothers Under the Bridge
Acoustic Tour 95-96-97

Brothers Under the Bridge
LuckyTown/HumanTouch Tour 92-93

Brothers Under the Bridge
Tunnel of Love Tour 1988

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Cris's Selist Database
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E Tree Org
Over 40,000 Setlists

Foot Down Page
1999 & 2000 Tour

Greasy Lake Page
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The Killing Floor

Land of Hopes and Dreams
1999 & 2000 Tour

Lars Hansson's Page
Set Lists

The Promise
Bootleg setlists
and art

The Rising Tour
Set list page

Thousands of Setlists

Stone Pony Setlists
All live shows 1980-2000

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