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"Remember all the movies Terry, we'd go see
Trying to learn to walk like the heroes
We thought we had to be.
And after all this time
To find we're just like all the rest.
Stranded in the park
And forced to confess
to hiding on the backstreets"

Born on: October 1, 2001

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Added in October 2001

Added on 10-30-2001

A Few Good Men
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream about the Boss

A Saint in the City
Bruce Springsteen is more than a rock legend, he's a god

Ern's Bruce Archive
Pictures, lyrics and mp3's

Springsteen Chords and Tabs

Springsteen Billboard Charts
Legends of Music Site

Springsteen is Still Born to Run
USA Today Article

Added on 10-18-2001

Boss Introduces Glimpse of Real World to Students
Daily Princetonian Article

Fresno Night: An Acoustic Review

Portland Night: An Acoustic Review

San Diego Night: An Acoustic Review

Santa Barbara Night: An Acoustic Review

San Jose Night: An Acoustic Review

Song Parodies
Some Very Funny and Some Terrible Stuff Here!

Spyin' in the USA
A very bad parody of Born in the USA

Springsteen Collection
Asbury Park, New Jersey Library

Tempe Night: Acoustic Tour Review

That's Dr. Boss to You
A Dropout as BMOC

Written on Their Souls
Rock and Roll is Here to Stay

Added on 10-16-2001

Am I Annoying or What?
Vote for Bruce!

An Analysis of Over 20 Years
Of American Rock Music Festivals

Minnesota Echoes Page

Asbury Park Show 12-17-2000
Concert Review

Bruce Springsteen
Rock on the Net Bio and Timeline

The Concert for New York City
Saturday, 10-20-2001

Farm Aid Organization

Hitting All the Right Notes of Protest
Musical Activism Article

Human Rights Now Tour 1988
Human Rights Action Center

Paris Concert for Amnesty International
Concert Review

More Paris Concert
Amnesty International Page

Added on 10-11-2001

Fan News Site

Bruce Springsteen Jersey Theme Park?

Bruce Brings It All Back Home
From Save Tillie News

Buchanan Bites the Boss
Why Can't the GOP leave Bruce Springsteen Alone?

How Bruce Springsteen Saved the World

The John Steinbeck Award
The Center for Steinbeck Studies

The Legend
Roy Orbison Tribute

Meet Woody Guthrie
and his friend, Bruce Springsteen

Album Review

Our American Skin
Cops, Color, Culture and Crime

The Parking Lots of Philadelphia
College Concert Review

Princess Diana Tribute Album

Skin We're In
American Skin Essay RockRap.com

Added on 10-7-2001

Albabe's Concert Pictures

Andi' Trade Page

Born to Run
A Photo Tribute to Springsteen

The Boss Loves Cleveland
And We Love the Boss

Cleveland Plain Dealer, November 1999

The Boss Keeps the Dream Alive
News 5 Net

Glory Days 75's Trade Page

Bruce Springsteen Info Page
From Fresh Music Farm

Bruce Springsteen
Workin' Class Hero to Northeast Ohio

Akron Beacon Journal 1999

Bruce Springsteen Links

Bruce Springsteen Links

Bruce Springsteen News Articles
From Jam Showbiz

Bruce Springsteen's Trades
E Street 79's Trade Page

Bruce Springsteen's Trades
Redthing2's Trade Page

Cleveland-The Heart of Rock n Roll
Real Traveler Article

Concert Remains True to Singer's Message
Woody Guthrie Benefit Concert

Esquire Records & Agora Club

Forever Rockin
Time Magazine, September 1995

The Irishman's Tribute to Springsteen

Life Magazine
Rock n Roll Gallery

My Bruce Springsteen Collection
Kayo 888's Trade Page

My Generation
Rock n Roll Collectibles

Proving It All Month
Springsteen and the band bring it home

Shooting the Boss
City Paper Online

Strictly Springsteen
Dave Rotella's Trade Page

Till We Outnumber 'Em
Woodie Guthrie Tribute

Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs of a Bruce Fan

When It Comes to Music
Springsteen is Still the Boss

The Leader Online

Added on 10-6-2001

Andrew Harper's Springsteen Collector's Page
Springsteen items for sale

Boss & Bono Heal After 9-11 Tragedy
Daytona Beach News Journal Article

Music During Wartime
Time.com Article

The Music of Labor
From Movement to Culture

Union Essay w/ Bruce content

Springsteen Leads tribute to Heroes
Asbury Park Net article

They Wrote The Songs
50 Greatest Pop Songwriters of the Last 100 Years
New Jersey Star Ledger

Vietnam Caused Enduring Cultural Shift
Lessons and Legacies: 25 Years Later

LA Times Essay w/Bruce content

Added on 10-5-2001

Bruce Springsteen
The Complete Video Anthology 1978-2000 DVD

Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band
Blood Brothers DVD

Live In New York City
Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band
Order DVD Now!

God Bless America CD
w/Bruce and others

Now That's What I Call Christmas
Christmas CD w/Bruce and others

Added on 10-4-2001

American Skin-41 Shots
Blue Mafia Page Essay

Andrea's Springsteen Page
Short Fan Tribute

Bruce Springsteen & the Flexible Sigmoid oscopy
Larry Good Essay

Close Encounters and Near Misses
Essay about Bruce Sitings

8th Grade Essay on "Factory"

John Matthew Mattie on Nebraska

Lessons Learned on Tuesday 9-11-01
Essay w/Bruce Content

Multimania Review

Remembering John Lennon
Essay w/Bruce content

The River
High School Essays on "The River"

Added on 10-3-2001

Audio/Video Downloads "My City of Ruins"
From 9-11-01 Telethon

Stone Pony Article Archive
C. J. Lacava's Bruce Articles

Stone Pony Concert Reviews

Stone Pony Forums Page

Stone Pony Setlist Page
All live shows 1980 to 2000

To The River Together
Family and Community at the Bruce Springsteen Show

Sojourner Magazine

Added on 10-2-2001

Amy's Music Posters
Bruce and others

Bruce Springsteen Discography
Updated URL

Bruce Springsteen News Service

Cover Artwork
Fernando's Page-Updated URL

Welcome to Jungleland
Updated URL

Jungleland Artwork

Hope Springsteen's Eternal
Dak.com Review

Some Great Bruce Links
Matt's Page

Added on 10-1-2001

BBC Interview in Real Audio

Bruce Books & Articles
From the "Boots" Page

Bruce Articles & Essays
From Greasylake Page

The Highway Is Alive Tonight
Time-off Interview 1997

Under the Boss' Skin
LA Times Interview 2001

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