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"Once I was your treasure
And I saw your face in every star
But the promises we make at night
Oh, that's all they are
Unless we fill them with faith and love
They're empty as the howlin' wind
And honey I just wanna be Back in your arms,
Back in your arms again"

Born on: April 2, 2002


Springsteen Biograpy 1949-2002 with Pics!!
Springsteen Biography!
1949 to 2002!


New DVD/VHS Release Info!

"America: A Tribute to Heroes CD/DVD"

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Added in April 2002

Added on 4-24-02

Joe Ely and Bruce Springsteen's Benefit Concert

Springsteen's "We Shall Overcome"
Anthem of Hope After September 11th

Added on 4-23-02

Bruce Tree.Org
Springsteen Bootleg Distribution Page

Added on 4-19-02

Bruce Appears in April Stone Pony Shows

New Philly Springsteen Radio Show

Springsteen Song and Lyric Database/Search

Springsteen Concert and Bootleg Database/Search

Added on 4-6-02

Springsteen Artwork

Joosse Artwork
1967 to 1979
Corrected URL

Joosse Artwork
1980 to 1990
Corrected URL

Joosse Artwork
1991 to 2001
Corrected URL

Joosse Artwork
Compilation Art Site
and studio outtakes
Corrected URL

Matt Orel's Bruce Page
Tons of Springsteen Info
Corrected URL

Bruce Springsteen Discography
Matt Orel's Discography Page
Corrected URL

Added on 4-5-02

Walking With a Mountain

Yahoo Boot Art Group
Artwork Site

Added on 4-4-02

Bootleg Zone
Scans and Boots

Brixton Nights Artwork

CD Cover Central
Artwork Site

Springsteen Comic Book 1986

Added on 4-3-02

Follow That Dream Artwork
1971 to 1979

Follow That Dream Artwork
1980 to 1988

Follow That Dream Artwork
1990 to 1998

Follow That Dream Artwork
1999 to 2001

Follow That Dream Artwork

Added on 4-2-02

Bells of Freedom Ring
Trade Page

Cover Artwork
Some Loose Ends

Cover Artwork
Karl Franklin's Site

Greg's Trade and Artwork Page

Lance's Art Page

Pege's Trade Page

Added on 4-1-02

Artwork Link Page Updated!
Links corrected, deleted and added!!

Video-Bruce Springsteen & King Gustav of Sweden
1997 Polar Music Award

Bruce Bio Page Intro & Credits

Bruce Bio Page 1949 to 1966

Bruce Bio Page 1967 to 1972

Bruce Bio Page 1973 to 1977

Bruce Bio Page 1978 to 1983

Bruce Bio Page 1984 to 1988

Bruce Bio Page 1989 to 1995

Bruce Bio Page 1996 to 1999

Bruce Bio Page 1999 & 2000

Bruce Bio Page 2001

Bruce Bio Page 2002

Since 4-2-2002
Bruce Springsteen

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